About Connie

Connie Hill (Author of From Lump to Laughter The Story of Grace) is a native of North Carolina who overcame breast cancer when she was diagnosed at age 34. Her two children, both boys, were 3 and 1 at the time of diagnoses. She is married to her “rock” and best friend, Flint. She has a brother, who is a policeman and lives in another state. Originally from Durham, NC she made Wilmington, NC her home after graduating at UNCW with a BS in Marine Biology and a minor in Education.

In 2003, Connie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and God’s purpose for her life was realized through the journey.  Although Connie survived childhood abuse, her victorious spirit did not prepare her for the fight of breast cancer. Her tough exterior was peeled away and as she was left exposed she discovered her purpose in this world and slowly remade herself with a firm foundation that started with renewing her relationship with God. Her transforming, emotional and often-times hilarious journey through breast cancer can be found in From Lump to Laughter-The Story of Grace.  Buy it today at www.LumptoLaughter.org  connie@lumptolaughter.org


Lump to Laughter was created by two friends, Renee Ballard and Connie Hill, who walked through the journey of breast cancer together. Early in the process, it was decided they were turning this trial into triumph. There was no mistake in the timing of this disease hitting each woman within 6 weeks of the other. That alone convinced them they had to do something with this experience. As the reason became clearer they knew they had to do what no one had done before. Expose the emotional side of breast cancer and help women heal their souls through the breast cancer journey. To do this they would pour out their heart and souls and write their emotional stories about their journey through breast cancer. As the hearts of these two friends turned fear into faith their courage began to speak for itself. There is something fierce in the heart of a woman when all she loves is threatened. The king of the jungle may be a male, but the lioness does the hunting. As their very lives were being threatened and cancer tried daily to terrorize them into giving up; strength arose as from the ashes and they battled together. The strength passing between them birthed Lump to Laughter.  Lump to Laughter is an online Christian Breast Cancer Support Ministry and all the details can be found on their website at www.LumptoLaughter.org.

Everything I do for others is dedicated to God and in memory of Tula Renee Ballard

A Ministry Born-Lump to Laughter